Maple Products
It's not just maple syrup and pancakes!

Maple Syrup
is made by boiling sap from maple trees to 219 degrees.  It takes roughly 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of pure maple syrup.  Nothing is added and only water is taken away.  The end product is 66.9% sugar and has a unique flavor from farm to farm.

Granulated Maple Sugar was first made by Native Americans and is still called "Indian Sugar" today.  It is made by boiling maple syrup until the temperature is 260 degrees F.  It is then stirred until it granulates. Then the sugar is sifted to make a uniformly sized product. The larger pieces are great to eat or use in hot cereals.

Maple Cream
is made by boiling maple syrup to 232 degrees F, then rapidly cooling it to room temperature. It is then slowly stirred until it lightens in color and develops a smooth texture like a spreadable fudge.  It is wonderful on toast or muffins.

Maple Fudge
is made by boiling maple syrup to 235 degrees F (soft ball stage)   It is then cooled to 160° then stirred until it begins to lighten in color and thicken. It is then poured into a buttered dish or pan.  Cool and cut.

Maple Sugar Cakes are made by boiling syrup to 244° F, then cooled to 200° F   The syrup is then stirred, either by hand with a spoon or with a commercial maple sugar candy machine. When the syrup begins to lighten, it is poured into food grade rubber, silicon or metal molds of different shapes and sizes.  Let cool completely before removing from the molds.

Hard Maple Sugar
(block sugar) is made by boiling syrup to 246°  F , cooled to 210 degrees, stirred until it begins to lighten in color & poured into molds of various shapes and sizes.  It is harder than molded candies.  It can be shaved with a carrot peeler or broken into chunks for a sweet treat!  It makes a wonderful addition to a pot of baked beans!

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