Chittenden County Maple Sugarmakers Assciation Suggested By-Laws





Adopted January 16 1976

Revised January 15 1979

Revised January 21 1982

    Revised January 11 2017



            The name of this organization shall be the CHITTENDEN COUNTY MAPLE SUGAR MAKERS ASSOCIATION.  

Hereafter noted as CCMSMA.




            The purposes and objectives of this Association shall be as follows:

  1. To adopt and carry out the policy and rules to qualify as a NON-PROFIT Organization.
  2. Promote the use and sale of maple products.
  3. To promote a closer working relationship with other sugar makers within the county and throughout the state.
  4. To provide a medium for exchanging ideas to improve the maple industry.
  5. To own and/or rent or lease Real Estate and equipment to conduct exhibits and sales of maple products.





Section 1.     There shall be three classes of members: active, retired, associate.     

               A.  Active:   An active member shall be an individual who is              currently producing maple products and a member of the CCMSMA and a Chittenden County resident.


B.  Retired:  A member who has in the past been an active member in good standing but who is no longer producing Maple products.


C.  Associate: Shall be any member who has been a volunteer for any activity sponsored by the Chittenden County Maple Sugar Makers Association. 



Section 2. Membership Period:  Membership in CCMSMA shall be the same as VMSMA guideline, January through December. (VMSMA By-Laws 2013)

Section 3.  Voting Rights:  The Right to vote is reserved and restricted to active members, and unless otherwise stated, a majority of those members voting on any issue shall be sufficient to carry the vote.


Section 4. Dues:  CCMSMA shall not charge annual dues.  However to be an active member of CCMSMA individuals must be a VMSMA member and follow VMSMA dues guideline.





ARTICLE IV OFFICERS, COMPOSITION, POWERS, AND                                  DUTIES    


Section 1. Board of Directors:  The CCMSMA Board shall consist of 9 Directors.  Three (3) Directors will be elected at the annual meeting for a 3 year term.  No more than 2 members of the Board of Directors may be Associate or Retired members.

Section 1A.  This section is for the implementation year of the revised By-Laws (Dated January X, 2017).  In the implementation year;

      2.  5 of the Directors of the CCMSMA shall be hold over Directors and shall                  

           serve on the New Board of Directors for the remainder of their term.   


Section 2. The Board shall elect a Chair, Chair Elect, Vice Chair, each a 1 year term Secretary and Treasurer, for a 3 year term.


Section 3.  Board Members shall not serve for more than 3 terms in     succession. 


Section 4.   CHAIR, CHAIR Elect, Vice CHAIR – Duties- The Chair shall preside at all meetings and may call on the Chair Elect and/or Vice Chair for assistance and necessary substitutions.


            It shall be the duty of the Chair to arrange for, and call meetings of the Board of Directors and provide an Agenda for the conduct of business and preside over the meetings.


         The Chair and Chair Elect shall, with the approval of the Directors, also name managers, supervisors and delegates for each project undertaken by, CCMSMA such as:

  1. Manager(s) of the Champlain Valley Sugarhouse
  2. Superintendant of Fair Exhibits
  3. Promotional and Educational Programs
  4. Demonstrations of Equipment and Processing Methods

5.   State Delegates

6.  An Auditor from the Board of Directors

7.  Chair of the Nominating Committee

Secretary:  The Secretary of the CCMSMA shall conduct its correspondence; shall give notice of and keep minutes of all meetings; shall have custody of records and property of the CCMSMA; shall serve as secretary to the Directors; shall furnish copies of the minutes of the Annual Meeting to all members present at the Annual Meeting.


Treasurer:  The Treasurer of the CCMSMA shall exercise authority in all financial matters in accordance with such by-laws and resolutions as may be adopted by the Board of Directors; shall furnish an annual financial statement to the Board of Directors no later than the Annual Meeting of each year and such other periodic statements as may be required by the Board of Directors; shall furnish to all members present at the Annual Meeting a copy of the financial statements; shall have custody of all funds and may determine the method of depositing and safekeeping of the same; shall have custody of all bonds, stocks, deeds and other documents of the CCMSMA and determine the method of depositing and safekeeping of the same but shall not pledge or dispose any of the assets without approval of the Board of Directors. Said Treasurer shall upon retirement turn over all foregoing documents to the Board of Directors of the CCMSMA. The treasurer shall annually submit the financial records of the CCMSMA to an audit. Expenditures of less than $1,000, such as insurance, rent, etc, do not need board approval. Expenditures of over $1,000 need Board or Chair approval (e-mail is sufficient documentation). *Exception: any disbursement for the operation of the Sugarhouse at the Champlain Valley Fair do not need Chair approval.


Section 5.  Nominations:  Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Chair shall appoint a Nomination Committee to consist of three active members, one of whom shall be a member of the Board of Directors of the CCMSMA and serve as chairperson, two to be appointed from the general membership. It shall be the duty of the Nomination Committee to nominate a slate of candidates to be voted on at the annual meeting.

Section 6.  Fiscal Powers:  The Board of Directors shall prepare for approval an annual budget and establish and require compliance with procedures for the receipt, disbursement and keeping of CCMSMA funds and records in connection therewith.


Section  7.  Audit:  The Board of Directors shall require an annual audit of the books and accounts of the Association to be completed annually in the first annual quarter.


Section 8.  Vacancies:  In the event of a vacancy in any of the offices of this CCMSMA prior to the expiration of its tenure, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors as chosen from the active membership.


Section 9.  Meeting:  Meetings of the Board of Officers shall be held by order of the Chair or by a majority of the Board of Directors made in writing and directed to the Chair.


Section 10.  Quorum:  A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of those present and voting for the transaction of official business.


Section 11.  Standing Committees:  The following shall be the Standing committees of the CCMSMA. There shall be a Sugar House Fair Committee which shall consist of a Manager or Co Managers and other volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors of the association. There shall be an Awards Committee. It is the responsibilities of the Board of Directors to prescribe the duties and responsibility of each of the standing committees.


Section 12.  The Officers and Committee Descriptions:  The Officers and Committee Descriptions shall annex the constitution and any changes to the duties of the officers or committees shall be updated and changed at a Board of Directors meeting. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to appoint or create, change or abolish additional committees in the best interest of the CCMSMA.


Section 13.  Annual Meeting: The Board of Directors shall call a meeting of all the Active Members of the CCMSMA. The meeting shall to be held in Chittenden County.  The order of business is to review and discuss the purpose and objective of the Chittenden County Maple Sugar Makers Association.





Section 1. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of the CCMSMA shall run from January 1st through December 31st.


Section 2.  Parliamentary Law: Whenever in the affairs of the CCMSMA parliamentary rules or procedures are involved, Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply and control.




Section 1.  Annual Meeting:  There shall be an Annual Meeting of the CCMSMA to be held in January, the place to be decided upon by the Board of Directors. The membership will be notified of the place of the meeting not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the said Meeting.


Section 2.  Budget:  The Board of Directors may present their annual budget for approval by the membership. Amendments may be made by a majority vote of those present.




Proposed amendments to the constitution shall be in writing, setting forth the particular change or changes as proposed by the Board of Directors or, by petition signed by twenty (20) active members of this Association and filed with the Chair. The membership shall be furnished a notice of any and all proposed amendments at least fifteen (15) days before the Annual Meeting.


Proposed amendments to the constitution may be voted on only during an Annual Meeting, It shall require a simple majority of active members voting thereon to adopt an amendment to this constitution. Each adopted constitution amendment shall become effective immediately upon declaration of its adoption unless otherwise specified.

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